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Transform your business and your life using the Entrepreneurial Operating System®

An Outside Expert to Guide You and Keep You Accountable.

A successful entrepreneur who built and sold his company, Professional EOS Implementer™ Jonathan Bowman knows what it takes to help high-performing entrepreneurial leadership teams. Jonathan will expertly lead your team through the EOS® process, provide outside accountability, and share battle-tested EOS® best practices. Working with Jonathan, your team will become independent and accountable leaders, working as a united team to make your vision a reality.

It all starts with an initial, free, 90-minute meeting. Jonathan will introduce you and your team to the tools that will help you get focused, clarify your vision, and crystallize how you’ll get there. Be prepared – Jonathan asks tough questions to better understand the situation, and expects an “all in” approach to coming up with a plan to improve it.

If you like what you hear, your Leadership Team and Jonathan will get to work together implementing the EOS® tools in your organization. Once the tools are implemented, Jonathan will lead a quarterly planning session, support you between sessions, and hold you and your team accountable for delivering on your own expectations.

What it’s like working with Jonathan

Break Through the Ceiling

Solve Issues

As the leader it may feel like you are always putting out fires and never building for the future. Discover how you can stop managing problems and start building something great.

Gain Traction

As you and your team get on the same page, moving in the same direction, the entire organization will become energized. Next level growth is right around the corner!

Live a Better Life

You got into this business to build a better life for yourself. This will finally become possible. With newfound freedom with time and money you can now invest in the relationships that are closest to you.

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Are You a “Flavor of the Month” Company?

Are You a “Flavor of the Month” Company?

With all of the uncertainty in the world right now, it’s easy to start looking around for new ways to better align your team, attract more clients, and become more profitable. And because of the lack of social opportunities, you’ve probably had more than enough time on your hands to watch webinars, read books and attend YouTube university. I’ve been there and I know exactly what you’re going through.

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